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Another April weekend washout - why do we start so early ???

Another April weekend washout - why do we start so early ???

24 Apr 2023

For the second weekend in a row the entire NEPL fixture list was wiped out by the poor weather. The West Tyne 3rd XI fixture at Stamfordham, the Sunday NEPL game against Sunderland, and the U15 game versus Blyth also fell foul of the weather.


The subject of why the cricket season starts so early in April, is a regular topic of discussion amongst Hill officials (muppets). Over the last 20 years we have seen the trend of the cricket season starting earlier in April, with the league season often finishing after the first weekend in September. I don't think any cricketer in the land would say they prefer to play in early April rather than early September, when the ground conditions are much more conducive to good cricket and quick recovery from the rain.


League play offs is one reason given, but should we let one possible end of season fixture dictate the whole season! End of season maintenance work is often cited as one of the others reasons. As a regular golfer in the off season, it amazes me the condition greenkeepers can get the putting surfaces these days, so much better than the past. Providing clear evidence of the advancement in agricultural technology and equipment, which would surely apply to cricket pitch maintenance. The consensus from the muppets, is that we feel league cricket could be played in the North East throughout September, and would be a far better spetacle than the April equivalent.


Why don't we try it for an experiment for a few years meaning we can wave goodbye to the cold April showers and cricket on  damp, slow and low wickets!



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