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Covid-19 Pandemic : Guidance for the use of BHCC for practice from Saturday June 6th

Covid-19 Pandemic : Guidance for the use of BHCC for practice from Saturday June 6th

4 Jun 2020

As the lockdown is gradually eased the Board and General Committee of BHCC are delighted to be in a position to allow Cricket Club Members (2019 and 2020) to practice on the field, the Artificial Net Surfaces and where possible a grass practice wicket on the square using the net cages. Whilst this is bound to bring the ground some much needed rain at least things are moving in the right direction.


Geoff Chambers has done a sterling job of tidying up the Artificial Surfaces and they will be rolled as soon as the rain falls. We hope people will be sensible and not expect miracles.


There are a number of rules and regulations that MUST be followed at all times to ensure the health and safety requirements of the Government and the England and Wales Cricket Board (the ECB) are fulfilled. Failure to do so may result in expulsion from BHCC and /or a return to lockdown.


1. Net sessions must be formally booked by ringing or texting Geoff Chambers on 07749 878186. In Week 1 Slots are available on the following dates and times:-


  • Saturday June 6 1.00-4.00pm (9 slots)
  • Sunday June 7    1.00-4.00pm (9 slots)
  • Monday June 8, Wednesday June 10, Friday June 12 1.00-4.00pm (9 slots each day)
  • Tuesday June 9, Thursday June 11 6.00-9.00pm (9 slots each day)


We will review demand after week 1 and amend this schedule if necessary in the weeks ahead.


2. You will be allocated a slot and a specific net to use for one hour. You must use the net allocated and timings MUST be strictly adhered to.


3. It is permitted to use the outfield to practice fielding and catching and for fitness work.


4. The rules of the ECB state that a group of more than two is permitted provided they come from the same household. Otherwise a maximum of two people from different households are allowed to net provide social distancing is followed at all times.


5. Players coming to practice are asked to arrive just before their session and to leave the premises as soon as their session is completed. Please do not remain on the premises any longer than absolutely necessary


6. In terms of hygiene and sanitisation please bring your own hand lotion and please be aware that the Club House will be closed at all times. The toilets will NOT be open.


7. A First Aid kit will be available outside the Club House in case of emergency.


8. Other than stumps NO equipment will be provided so you must bring all your own gear. Cricket balls should not be shared nor should saliva be applied to them. Kyle is hoping to source a supply of new balls which will be available for sale to Members.


Please note your co-operation in this is crucial – the application of common sense is absolutely vital and as indicated above any abuse will not be tolerated. 


Committee Members will monitor the situation with the assistance of senior players.


Contacts if required – Simon Lunn 07791-683827 Kyle Coetzer 07841 997220 Phil Haves 07878 404018


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