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Covid  Cup : Week 2 - Benwell Hill II v Whitburn II @ 3pm Saturday 25th April

Covid Cup : Week 2 - Benwell Hill II v Whitburn II @ 3pm Saturday 25th April

23 Apr 2020

The Covid Cup is a competition giving you the opportunity to support BHCC in these challenging times. This week’s fixture will be on Saturday 25/04 at 15:00 between BHCC 2nd XI and Whitburn 2nd XI to mirror the cancelled NEPL fixture.


We will use a computer program to simulate, ball by ball, a game of cricket.The game will be 10 overs a side.There will be score updates on Twitter and there will be a Zoom chat where you can see the live scorecard.


The aim of the game is to guess the total number of runs scored in the match, with the opportunity to win cash prizes.


To play, each week you need to go to the club’s Fundly page and donate, or click on the button below.


You will need to leave a comment giving your guess as to how many runs will be scored in this week’s game. You are allowed one guess per pound you donate. Donations and guesses must be made before the advertised start time of the match. The prize pot currently stands at £180. Should you get it spot on you will win one third of the money in the pot. The remaining two thirds will go to the club. Should more than one person guess correctly, the prize money will be split evenly between the winners. Should no one guess correctly, the pot will roll over to the next week.


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