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Ukraine Appeal - request for essential items from Hill members and their families

Ukraine Appeal - request for essential items from Hill members and their families

5 Mar 2022

To assist in a small way in response to the horrendous situation in Ukraine, as a Community Cricket Club we are going to act as a collection point for Parafia Newcastle - the Polish Church/Centre who are coordinating the collection of goods for Ukrainian refugees in Poland. The collected items will be sent to strategic reserves warehouses in Swietokrzyskie Voivodeship & will be distributed accordingly to temporary centres for Ukrainian families in that area or transferred for transport to Ukraine.


We will be open each day to accept donations from today, Friday until 9pm on Thursday 10th March (in addition between 1000-1200 on Sunday with teas & coffees available)with all donations delivered on Friday 11th March.


The following items are required:


Personal hygiene products:


soaps, shower gels, shampoos and hair conditioners, hair brushes toothbrushes and toothpaste, for children and adults antiperspirants and deodorants (mainly for women but also for men) face creams and tonics, hand creams for women sanitary towels, tampons, panty liners larger sanitary pads for women in puerperium and nursing pads ( breast feeding pads) wet wipes, nappies of various sizes, tissues, cotton pads



Medical supplies:


first aid kits, bandages, gauze and swabs, tourniquets, plasters, disposable gloves painkillers, anti-fever and anti-inflammatory drugs for children and adults vitamins for children cough medicines, sore throat relieves, stomach problems remedies, nasal drops.


For children, to keep them occupied and distracted, to make them smile:


colouring books and crayons / markers, small puzzles, small soft toys/ cuddly toys, sweets: chocolates, bars, snacks, baby porridge, baby rice, fruit / vegetable snacks in tubes (not jars) instant foods such as soups, long-term foods such as canned food, paper towels, cutlery and disposable plates sleeping bags, mats, blankets power banks, batteries, flashlights.


If you can help in any small way it would be gratefully appreciated!


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